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Below are links to some fun and useful assessments to help you understand yourself better and point the way to growth. There are links to coaching organizations, and some excellent articles on coaching as well. Coaches can use the link to Coaches Console to sign up. The books are some of the most useful tools I have found for leadership and self development and can be purchased here.


Are You Coachable?
Sphere of Life
Life Colors
Signature Strengths

Coaching Organizations:

International Coach Federation
The Coaches Training Institute

Useful Articles:

A Coach for "Team You" (Washington Post, June, 2003)
How is Coaching Different from Therapy?
The Gift of Anger

Coaching in Business:

Average ROI on Coaching Measured at Nearly Six, According to Survey of 100 Senior Executives Release...

Reflecting on Office Behavior: career coaches help people see themselves from co-workers’ perspectives

Recommended Reading:

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Leadership and Organization


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